Welcome back!

I want to invite performers to send in pictures of your dressing room! I want to see and share where mascots spend their down time. Email me at davidgdeas@yahoo.com with the subject line: Mascot Room.

I am gearing back up to start ranking all of our lovable, fuzzy friends again! Baseball season is here!



Welcome back Dave. I don’t think you want to see where I change. I change in the office bathroom lol. I think we have exchanged emails before. My name is John I am the mascot ” corky” for the grand junction Rockies formally the Casper ghosts. We are in the rookie league. It’s a short season. I am a coyote. I am loving it. My niche is dancing. It worked great last year. Last year was our first season in GJ. I will try to put up some video on YouTube so you can see what I do. Have a great season and I look forward to seeing pics of where others dress.

God bless John Kelley

Just found this blog. Sad that it didn’t last very long. Any chance that it’ll come back to life?

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