Ranking Minor League Mascots – Carolina League

Welcome to the second edition of Ranking Minor League Mascots! In this post I will be covering the storied Carolina League. Consisting of only 8 teams I thought it would be easier to skip over the larger California league for now until I got my blogging legs underneath me!

Just like the Appalachian League I have ranked according to creativity, exposure on team websites and basic subjective feelings. This is not a scientific poll by any means…because I am not a scientist. I am a mascot!

So let’s get this party started!


Mugsy looks like he may have been partaking in his own rescue brandy! A little disheveled and in a too small jersey. I am sure kids love him but the total lack of a web presence on facebook hurt this guy’s ranking.


What do I say about Uncle Slam. He would have been #8 had it not been for his facebook page. He is very patriotic and he has his own bobblehead so that counts for something! It appears he does double duty on the grounds crew as well! USA! USA! USA!


Southpaw is a hillcat, is that supposed to be a raccoon from Virginia? He could have ended up lower on the list due to his costume condition. Remember, a mascot is one of the most important extensions of a team’s brand. However, he does have a small following on facebook and I found this video on youtube Beyonce’s Single Ladies.


Cool name, great character…no facebook. I am hammering the internet section of my judging because brand extension is SOOO important. The mascot is the face of the Minor League team. Players come and go, mascots are forever…or at least a very long time. People who follow an MiLB team always know and identify with the teams mascot. In this age of facebook, twitter, google+ and whatever social media is over the horizon is so important. Bolt would have been so much higher on this list…if it were just for an online presence!


Keys+Coyote=Keyote. Creative name, are there coyotes in Maryland? I guess there may be! This is Keyote’s 20th year in the league per his biography. The motto in Frederick is “Shake Your Keys”, well hopefully Keyote doesn’t lock them in his van . Any mascot with his/ her face on a vehicle is pretty cool in my book.


Mudcat=catfish and thankfully someone had the right idea to not name him the obvious Catfish Hunter. Though that would be a cool name for a ‘villain’ mascot at Five County Stadium. Muddy has a book club for kids, which is excellent. Being involved in the community is a big part of an excellent mascot program. That is one of the main reasons for him being at this ranking. His head is cool but the rest of the outfit is a bit basic. I wonder if his favorite food is noodles?


I am fairly certain this is the ‘new version’ of the moose! I love the name, harkens back to the good old days of good cartoon programming! Moose and squirrel! I honestly liked the old look Rocky better but after realizing that he has a following on facebook of 4,300 people…looks matter not! People in Delaware love Rocky and that is all that matters!


Splash is a fun loving pelican. The team has really used him well in online videos and on Splash’s facebook with 5,500+ fans, It is a great costume that really evokes the Myrtle Beach life. Tons of community events and a great personality. As the Mascot Doctor always says, being a mascot is serious fun! Taking a mascot program seriously benefits any team overall and in Myrtle Beach it definitely shows!

I will be working on the next blog throughout the week. We will be heading down to Texas…they say everything is bigger in Texas…even MiLB mascots! If you have any suggestions for which League I should tackle next or have any input for a certain mascot leave a comment below!


Love this. If I consider independent leagues minor league you should consider the American Association.

Jimi, once I get through the Official MiLB I am sure to hit the Indepedent Leagues. Rusty has to get ranked somewhere afterall!

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