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The purpose of this blog is to bring you news about mascots within Minor League Baseball. We will highlight the performers and help fans learn about one of the toughest jobs in baseball, mascoting.  So how am I qualified to write this blog? Am I a writer? Not really. So hopefully those skills will improve as the blog moves forward.

I am a mascot. I say that proudly. I have been a mascot in MiLB since 2001. I have been with only one affiliate during that time. I helped transition from an old stadium and an old character to a new stadium and new character in 2004. I have also been back up to many great MLB, NHL and NFL performers. I have performed for corporations, non-profits and private events. I have performed with the best of the best and seen the worst of the worst.

I always see the NFL, MLB and NHL mascots ranked and it got me to thinking…there are literally hundreds of mascots in MiLB and it is my goal to expose the programs and performers that create the characters that fans love (and sometimes hate).

I have decided to start ranking mascots by league. Then eventually once each league is ranked we can cross over and start ranking overall mascots.

So with that said I will start small and alphabetically so that puts us at the Rookie Appalachian League. I have ranked according to creativity, exposure on team websites and basic subjective feelings. This is not a scientific poll by any means…because I am not a scientist. I am a mascot! So let’s begin.

Out of the 10 teams in the Appalachian League I found only 7 mascots between team websites and a perusal of facebook pages. If I missed the 3 others let me know!

UPDATE: I found another mascot from this league. Slider the Fox debuting at #7.



There you go. The only picture on the team page taken from a birthday party flier. I am not even sure what he is. The baby brother of the Syracuse Orange? You sir, by default are number #7…because there is none worse that I can find online.


I found this one another blog. The Mariners facebook had a few pictures of Slider but no name attached to him. Apparently he debuted in 2009. My affection for foxes (my first pro character) bumped him over Bingo.



I don’t think I can get more BLUE about this mascot. I get it you are in BLUE Field, you are a BLUE Jays affiliate. Its just expected. At least the team had a facebook with pictures of you on it…if not you may be #7…



Well there is a little more creativity in Appalachia! Rookie doesn’t seem to have much to do with Twins but at least he is out and about in his community. He can be seen on the front page of his team’s website and that is saying something in this league.



Yes I know that I just lambasted Blue Field for an expected character. But at least this guy has his own facebook page, 11 friends…but it is a start! He looks a little upset and angry. He may be scary to kids; then again we all scare some (even adults). In fact I always say that I need to at least scare one kid a game/appearance or I feel like I am not doing my job.



These two rootin’ and tootin’ mascot siblings are pretty cool! Serve both demographics of girls AND boys. They each have a facebook page but it looks like Tex is slightly more popular. Having two mascots is always better than one. Right? They look like they are very kid friendly! Yeehaw!



I am sure that this will be my controversial ranking. Blooper has a HUGE following on facebook 1196! That is even more than my mascot has! Blooper is a great mascot, not sure what a green parrot has to do with Indians in Danville, but going for off the wall creativity is great! #1 just has more…



Cock-a-doodle-doo! This guy is great like Foghorn Leghorn but cooler! (is that possible)? I say, I say it is! He has an alter ego, the Rasslin’ Rooster. He has a video of himself actually rasslin’ with WVCW which I am assuming is West Virginia Chicken Wing rasslin’ or something…how can you not love that? Keep on cluckin’! Roscoe’s Facebook

Next blog we will cover the Carolina League. Prepare to get Muddy!


Great to see that you’ve entered the blogging ranks!

Thanks Ben. I’m excited about it.

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